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3 Quick Ways To Add Volume To Your Short-Length Wavy Hair

3 Quick Ways To Add Volume To Your Short-Length Wavy Hair

If you’re someone with short wavy hair, you know you’ve got the best deal. Leave it open and even without styling it, and you can still pull off a fresh glamorous look.

But as with most things in life, repeating this hairstyle becomes boring. And before you know it, you want something better from this short hairstyle for wavy hair.

For those days, we’re here with 3 hairstyles that can enhance your look as well as make your hair voluminous. With the least minimum effort. What more do you need when you’re in a hurry to reach somewhere, right?

1. ‘I Am Cute And I’ll Flaunt It’ Ponytail Look

Imagine you’re running late for a romantic dinner, or for a casual outing with friends, and you have little to no time to get ready. Happens with us almost always, right? But of course, you still want to turn up looking cute and chic. Trust us, if you have a short haircut of wavy hair, your safest bet is a high ponytail.

Leave a few strands open on both sides of the partition so that it frames your face well. Take it up a notch by curling those strands or adding a wavy hair topper. This will add more volume to the crown area and make the whole look cuter!

If a high ponytail feels too heavy, opt for a low ponytail. Keep the hair extensions at your crown area intact and tie a ponytail around your neck area. That’s equally sweet and charming!

2. ‘I Just Woke Up’ Messy Bun Look

Having a really lazy day but have somewhere to attend and can’t look like you actually just woke up? Enter, the messy bun look. An easy-to-do look for women with short haircuts and wavy hair. It only gives the illusion of being messy while being casual and effortless.

Again, leave a few strands open while tying the bun. Since your hair is short, the bun will look quite small, especially if your hair is not dense. So, add a wavy hair extension to make the bun look fuller and wholesome! More, the messier! Alternatively, if you want a look that can complement your wavy hair, and you’re in for a bold look, attach a scrunchie hair extension. Works every single time!

If you feel tying a bun will make it look like you have little to no hair, go for a half-up bun. Here, the volume at the crown area will be taken care by the bun on the top. For the rest of the hair, add wavy hair extensions to add more movement and fluff. Simple and yet so fun!

3. ‘I Want My Long Hair Back’ Look

On some days, you just miss your long hair back and no matter how much you style your short wavy hair, the feeling is not going to be the same. We get it. It’s completely fair and natural. So, what you do? Get that long hair back temporarily with a beautiful wavy hair extension.

With hardly any effort, attach a clip-in hair extension within minutes, and reminisce the times you had long hair. The best part is, you can take a break from your wavy hair look and choose a texture and/or colour of your choice. Indulge in some experimentation and enjoy the excitement of some variety in life!

The only reason why this styling might take longer is, you might spend extra time staring at yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself how perfect you look. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! 😉

Our products do have that effect on our customers!

Wavy hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles to have and we could go on and on about how we simply adore it. But now we would love to hear from you. What is your mood today and which hairstyle do you feel like choosing? Let us know in the comment section. :)