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Priyanka's Story
The Part That Shaped My Purpose

Can you imagine growing up as a child who didn’t like her reflection in the mirror? I didn’t have to, because I was one of those children. I had textured hair, specifically curly hair, which wasn’t a norm those days. Straight hair was ideal, and I was bullied throughout my childhood only because I was blessed with something different than what the society liked. Seeing pictures of women with sleek hair on magazines didn’t help either.

So, there I was, filled with inner shame for something I was born with, blessed with, and that made me, me.

Priyanka's Story
The Path That Led Me Towards Perfect Locks

Back in India, it was all about trying to tame my frizzy curly hair and do everything by the books to make it better. Once I reached the US, I realised there were more options to maintain my curls and hair extensions that would enhance their volume and beauty. And that’s when I decided I need to pass these tools forward to many women who were going through a similar situation.

By launching Perfect Locks, I wanted every woman across the globe to have access to tools and products I didn’t have while growing up so that they embrace and accept themselves wholeheartedly. So that they look into the mirror and say – perfect!

Priyanka's Story
The Process That Taught Me To Love Myself

It took a long time for me to get here, to this stage of self-acceptance, but it was worth it. Because now I realise, when I saw my mother with her beautiful wavy hair, it was not the hair that made the difference, but her – her confidence, energy, and the light and love she filled the room with. All I had to do was show up in my most favourite version, be proud of my choices, and be a better human than yesterday. Simply put, I had to let character precede appearance.

Today when I see myself in the mirror, I see the features passed on by my mom, the Priyanka who is in love with herself, and a future where more women can define what perfect means to them and live by those definitions.