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Our Mission

Every single time a woman looks into the mirror, she should feel perfect, irrespective of what the world around her thinks. We’ve successfully helped a lot of women accomplish this globally since 2008, and now we’re striving to increase the number of such women in India. With the right tools, we wish to help you experiment and discover your favourite version of yourself. Perfect Locks is for all those who let themselves down with the unrealistic beauty standards set by the society. We would love to be the enablers of an opportunity to let your hair down and flaunt your beauty your way!

Priyanka's Story

If there’s one core childhood memory that Priyanka will never forget, it is a combination of those days when she was mocked for her naturally curly hair. To be unaccepted for something she was blessed with wasn’t a pleasant feeling, especially as a child. Over the years, her quest to love her hair for the way it is, led her to Indian temples where she chose quality virgin hair and created options that didn’t exist for her. With the determination to help more women embrace their favourite versions of themselves, she developed a wide array of hair extensions to help them realise – the world can wait, acceptance needs to begin from within first.

Company Milestones

How It All Began

Out of a one-bedroom apartment, Priyanka and her husband Gautama launched a simple website and imported some of the first virgin Indian Hair into the United States. The first 3 products launched were machine wefts in one texture, 3 thread hand-tied wefts, and bulk hair.

The Hustle

As their family and business grew, they moved to a 3-bedroom apartment and started running Perfect Locks from their garage. This was also the time when Priyanka was juggling two crucial roles of her life – that of an entrepreneur and a mother of 2 children. By this year, on receiving positive responses for their initial catalogue, more products were launched – closures, frontals, and tape-in extensions.

The First Office

After redesigning and relaunching the brand, Priyanka and Gautama moved into an office space and witnessed overwhelming response for walk-ins at their showroom. The brand had taken off by 2012 and more offerings like multiple textures, clip-ins, wigs, and new tape-in types were included.

Rapid Growth

Owing to rapid expansion of the business, the couple expanded their office space by clubbing the adjacent space. Plus, a retail showroom was unveiled thanks to the growing demand of their wigs and extensions. This milestone also nudged to them think of owning a permanent office space and showroom.

The First Salon And Current Headquarters

In 2017, we moved to a larger brand-new showroom which is also our headquarters. The best part is, we have an exclusive wig room and salon space that allows customers to shop in peace.

The India Launch

As a part of the expansion plans, Priyanka brings Perfect Locks to India, her birthplace. With the goal of removing stigma associated with using artificial hair and creating a shift in mindset, she aims to help more Indian women unapologetically embrace their choices.