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5 Ways To Style Your Medium-Length Layered Hair With Hair Extensions And Show How You Feel!

5 Ways To Style Your Medium-Length Layered Hair With Hair Extensions And Show How You Feel!

We know you’ve been there, done that – getting a haircut to feel better about yourself. And as cliched as it might be, it always makes a difference. But every time we crave for that feel good feeling, getting a haircut is not an option, right?
So, we settle for the next best option – style it in a way that it looks new as ever.
And we think it’s a brilliant option. Because, with a haircut, you live with the mood it retains until you outgrow it. In the case of styling, you get to do it according to what you feel that day and forget all about it the next day when you wake up with a completely new mood!
So, if you have medium-length layered hair or are planning to get that haircut soon, check out these 5 styling ideas corresponding to 5 different moods. Pick your favourite and let us know too! (Look out for our favourite in the end. 😉 )

1. Opt for a cute look on a particularly cheerful day

There are some days when you are happy, you don’t know why, but you just are. And it makes complete sense to let your hair reflect it too (partial bias because we love everything about hair, but that doesn’t make it false, right?).
The one style that is an instant game changer and screams cuteness is bangs. Cut it in the texture you’re most comfortable with and enjoy the fresh look it offers.
Pair it up with a curly hair extension or just curl the layered ends. Because layer hair cut for medium hair becomes prettier with curls – your hair gets the desired volume without feeling bulky.
Isn’t this our dream haircut?

2. Feel bold and beautiful by blending the best of all the worlds

Suppose you got a haircut on a day when you wanted to do something out of the blue and went ahead with a chopped layer cut hairstyle for medium hair. It looks pretty cool, but on some days, you might also feel like taking a subtle or softer route.
For those days, try a wavy hair extension and see how beautifully both the hairstyles blend with each other. This works perfectly well even if you only have chopped or flipped layered ends.
Honestly, you can get the best of all the worlds, and this is just a tiny example of it. 😊

3. Choose the aesthetic path and bring out the experimenting artist in you

You might or might not be an artist, but your hair sure can do justice to experimentations. The best part about layered haircuts for medium hair is - the foundation is great. Since they standalone do a pretty job, additional elements take it up a notch all while retaining the essence of the haircut.
That’s why we believe this is a good opportunity to experiment with hair textures you have always wanted to try. From straight to wavy to curly, our Remy clip in hair extensions, halo hair extensions, and hair toppers are available in all textures.
Choose your crown and see which version of your mirror reflection you like the most.

4. Take it easy and casual but still look charming

If you ask us the easiest way to effortlessly flaunt your layered haircut it’s a ponytail and bangs. You save time without compromising on the way you look. What else do you need?
If this is too simple for you, we have an idea to make it dramatic too – hair extension buns. With these scrunchie hair extensions, your ponytail will look voluminous and gorgeous.
If you’re in the mood for more fun, go ahead with this kinky curly clip-in bun and give a whole new interesting spin to your look!

5. Be nostalgic and give an ode to the old times

Did you get a medium layer cut recently? If yes, we’re sure you are in that phase where you miss your old hair and sometimes wish you could just go back to it for one day. We know how it feels and that’s why this style, our favourite, had to make the list.
To go back to long hair, all you have to do is wear a hair extension that matches your hair texture (straight, wavy, or curly) and happily sway your hair the way you love! Use a breathable and light clip-in hair extension so that you get the illusion of length and volume without the feeling of something extra on your hair.
A complete win-win we think!

So, how are you feeling today, and which is your go-to hairstyle right now? We can’t wait to know your answers! Let us know in the comment section. :)