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We offer colored hair weaves in the popular colors listed below, these items are in stock and ready to ship. These colors displayed below on our hair extension color chart usually accommodate 90% of our customers. In our California headquarters, we take the additional step of deep conditioning and color proofing every hair piece we create to ensure that color truly lasts.

The Beauty of Virgin Indian Hair

virgin indian hair #1B
Natural Black

You'll probably notice mostly dark "natural black" colors when browsing the products on our site. Natural black is our user-friendly name for hair that is pure and natural virgin Indian hair. Our virgin hair is superior to colored hair for it's authenticity, purity, and longevity. It's resilient to heat tools and can last up to 1 or 2 years if properly maintained. Virgin Indian Hair has the perfect blend of blacks and browns to make your hair look truly natural. In the light you'll see more of the dark brown tones, when not in the light you'll see more of the off-black tones. This is a beautiful, natural characteristic of virgin Indian hair.

Coloring Virgin Hair is Easy if Done Right

Please keep in mind that it's a simple process to color your #1B virgin Indian hair, as long as you stay within 3 to 4 levels of color. Going from a #1B to Platinum blonde requires bleaching and is not an easy process. Furthermore, the more chemicals that are used on the hair the more damaged the hair gets. Going from a #1B to Dark Brown, Medium Brown, or Jet Black is a much easier process. Since virgin hair is completely natural and has never been processed, it takes the color very easily just like your natural hair. Please note: It's important to consult a professional regarding coloring, we cannot be held responsible for mixed results.

Hair Extension Coloring Tips

  • When choosing hair color keep your skin color in mind. If you have a light complexion you want to be mindful of using very dark hair colors, it may draw color out of your skin.
  • Virgin Remy means the hair has not been processed or colored in any way. Adding highlights to virgin Remy hair has beautiful results.
  • Off black is the best combination of natural black/brown colors and suit almost everybody. Off Black is also known as "natural color."
  • If coloring your hair for the first time, it's best to have it done by a professional. 

If you have a special color request, please contact us. We can consider taking your request on as a special project. We have skilled in-house Cosmetologists and Hair Stylists who can work magic with hair needs. You can also buy a color ring if you are a salon, stylist, or individual that wants to have all of the colors we offer on hand.